hot and cold


If I were to design a new garment, it would be a jacket that facilitates a variety of different weathers and heat levels as it is something that I struggle with living in London. Going from the cold winter weather on the street and then into an overheated tube environment is a daily struggle and so I would want to make my jacket human centered to allow for these kind of temperatures. It would be a denim hooded parka style jacket but with an oil cloth covering to provide rain protection. It would also have a warm puffa style detachable lining to allow for warmth when needed but that can be folded down small as not to overbear the wearer once on public transport and in warmer situations. I would also make sure the jacket had several zipper pockets to hold a variety of things that I carry day to day including phone, oyster card and a notebook etc. The audience participation would include an ability to select the pockets and design the coat to facilitate the needs of the individual. This process would begin during the manufacture process to enable the design to be human centred and to establish a dialogue with buyers from early on in the process.




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