FKA twigs-Glass & Patron music video costume investigation


The music video for Glass & Patron by FKA twigs is significant in displaying the use of contemporary British fashion within the world of music, featuring garments from a range of designers including Craig Green and Liam Hodges. I have chosen to look at the blue outfit designed by Craig Green and is from his SS15 which was known for evoking such emotion from the audience of the fashion show, most ended up in tears at it’s beauty. With influence from uniform and workwear, Green (2014) described how “Everything was meant to have a delicateness and a beauty even though it was kind of hard and padded and drapey and a had lot of fabric. It was the movement of it”. This is interesting in the use of these garments within this music video as FKA twigs is known for her expressive movement and exploration of contemporary dance within her music and world she creates with her art. The dichotomy of delicacy and strength padded within the garments also represents this contrast that is within the profession of a dancer. The ability to push physical potential within a body whilst appearing to have a sense of transience and movement is one which can also be seen in Greens’ beautiful work.

Green, C. (2014) Craig Green SS15. Available at: (Accessed: 9/11/2015).

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 22.32.06Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 22.33.00


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